Abrasive Brushes in Blister

Set of brushes in abrasive filaments packaged in blister

Line Abrasive AbraSit
Line Abrasive

The SIT Brushes are offered also in plastic Blisters, convenient, handy and hanging on vertical displays, mounted on walls, or mounted on mini-stands for the large retail chanin thes.

Applications: Ideal for all the applications of the SIT brushes, pneumatic and electrical tool, chip removal, rust, paint, superficial finishing, satin finishing, deburring, weld cleaning and much more.

50BRL 50Shaft 6x25Grit 80137006410
80BRL 80Shaft 6x26Grit 8086006411
75B G 75 AShaft 6x27ABRASIT A Grit 12045006610
75B G 75 BShaft 6x28ABRASIT B Grit 18045006620
100B G 100 AShaft 6x29ABRASIT A Grit 12045006612
100B G 100 BShaft 6x30ABRASIT B Grit 18045006622
50B T 50 AShaft 6x31ABRASIT A Grit 12045006614
50B T 50 BShaft 6x32ABRASIT B Grit 18045006624
75B T 75 AShaft 6x33ABRASIT A Grit 12045006616
75B T 75 BShaft 6x34ABRASIT B Grit 18045006626
22B P 20 AShaft 6x35ABRASIT A Grit 12045006618
22B P 20 BShaft 6x36ABRASIT B Grit 18045006628

Blister Products SIT

All the SIT Products packaged in blister have a REF (reference ID) of their own end a specific code ID and they match a standard article in the SIT catalog, with a distinct REF, but packaged inside a blister, so in order to see the characteristics and the design of a blister product look for the correspondent page among the Standard Brushes.