Stainless Steel Blister Brushes

Set of with filaments brushes SIT packaged in blister

High Quality Industrial Line
Professional Line

The SIT Brushes are offered also in plastic Blisters, convenient, handy and hanging on vertical displays, mounted on walls, or mounted on mini-stands for the large retail chanin thes.

Applications: Ideal for all the applications of the SIT brushes, chips removal, rust, paint, surface finishing, satin finishing, deburring, weld cleaning and much more. In particular the INOX line in with filaments is suitable for all the jobs that require the absence of oxidative residues or humidity.

70BTU 71M14Stainless Steel 0,5140006935
90BTU 71M10Stainless Steel 0,5140006943
95BCO90M14Stainless Steel 0,3140006945
95BCZ95M14Stainless Steel 0,5140006950
95BCZ95M10Stainless Steel 0,5140006949
50BT50Shaft 6x25Stainless Steel 0,345006980
75BT75Shaft 6x26Stainless Steel 0,345006985
10BP10Shaft 6x27Stainless Steel 0,3200006955
22BP20Shaft 6x28Stainless Steel 0,3180006960
90BCO90 GShaft 6x29Stainless Steel 0,365006940
80BT80M14Stainless Steel 0,3140006925
80BT80M10Stainless Steel 0,3140006942
100BT100M14Stainless Steel 0,385006930
100B 3102Hole 16Stainless Steel 0,360006910
125B 3122Hole 16Stainless Steel 0,360006915
150B 4152KIT mm Stainless Steel 0,360006920
50BG50Shaft 6x25Stainless Steel 0,345006965
75BG75Shaft 6x26Stainless Steel 0,345006970
100BG100Shaft 6x27Stainless Steel 0,345006975
T 75 - G 100-P20
 Stainless Steel 0,345006990
 SPID INOX Stainless Steel 0,3 126
 SLIM DUO Stainless Steel 0,3 + Nylon 1227

Blister Products SIT

All the SIT Products packaged in blister have a REF (reference ID) of their own end a specific code ID and they match a standard article in the SIT catalog, with a distinct REF, but packaged inside a blister, so in order to see the characteristics and the design of a blister product look for the correspondent page among the Standard Brushes.