Wheel Brushes

Brushes Wheel brushes for Drill

The Wheel Brushes brushes are ideal for precision high speed jobs on contoured surfaces or surfaces with edges. They can be mounted also on stationary machinery.

Drill End Brushes

Brushes and end brushes for drill

The end brushes for drill are designed for frontal jobs with electrical and pneumatic tools. For jobs in deep or shallow cavities and for internal surfaces hard to reach.


Cups for Grinder for drill

The cups for drill are ideal for every surface treatment with electrical and pneumatic drills. Perfect for heavy-duty jobs of paint stripping but also for light jobs of maintenance and cleaning.

Bevel Brushes

Bevel Brushes for drill

Bevel brushes for drill are engineered for "sideways" works on irregular surfaces with corners, profiles, cracks.


Brushes abrasive for drill

The line Abrasives for drill is designed for applications on stone, bricks, shingles, concrete, wood and metals. They don't scratch and do not oxidize.

Mini Brushes

Mini brushes for drill

A complete series of small brushes for drill for precision works and for hobby modeling.

Mixed Box

Brushes in Mixed boxes for drill

Handy Display Box containing 8 pieces for type of drill brushes among the most frequently used.