Wheel brushes vulcanized with interchangeable shaft GV50, GV60 and GV70 for Drill

GV50 vulcanized with interchangeable shaft
Technical Drawing of Wheel Brush with Shaft for Drill

Line Vulcan Drill

Wheel Brushes with interchangeable shaft in iron wire drowned in plastic material. They ensure long service life, uniform abrasion and maximum safety.

Applications: Dust, rust and waste removal from surfaces of any material and shape.

50GV50101280,3Brass Coated Steel150006790
60GV60101780,3Brass Coated Steel150006791
70GV70102280,3Brass Coated Steel150006792

 GV10    Shaft 6x18 M10 with 3 couples of flanges Ø 25-30-38 12789