Brushes for treatment and aging of Wood

Rollers RSM for Makita Brushing Machines

Brushes for brushing machines of type Makita

Rollers with filament in Abrasive Nylon or Steel for satin finishing, sanding, process wood, iron, stone and marble. With connection for mounting on Brushing Machines of type Makita.

Rollers RSF for Flex Brushing Machines

Roller brushes for brushing machines tipo Flex

Roller Brushes in abrasive nylon, with filaments or iron brass-plated, can be used for processing, wood-aging, satin finishing, sanding iron, stone, marble and wood. To be used with specific spacer for mounting on Brushing Machines of type Flex.

Rollers RSF for Festool Brushing Machines

Roller brushes for Brushing Machines of type Festool

Roller Brushes are ideal for cleaning and preparing surfaces, for wood-aging and the removal of paint from wood. Perfect for the removal of graffiti from walls. Designed for mounting on Brushing Machines of type Festool.

Wheel brushes G100D in Abrasive Nylon

Wheel brushes for drill for wood

Circular brushes G100D are ideal for the processing of wood, its cleaning, paint removal, bark removal, wood-aging. Can be used to process any shape/trunk.

Punched Rollers RPA in Abrasive Nylon

Punched roller in abrasive nylon for wood processing

Roller Brushes for grinder in abrasive nylon of different grits and wire diameter, for processing of iron, stone, marble, wood and for any type of surfaces, also irregular ones

Shaft Adapters for Grinders and Drills

Shafts for mounting roller brushes on grinders and drills

New shafts engineered by SIT to mount roller brushes for brushing machines even on normal angle grinders and drills for a more flexible use of the tool