Who We Are | The long History of SIT, Società Italiana Tecnospazzole

Società Italiana Tecnospazzole is leader in the manufacturing of Industrial Brushes, Technical Brushes and standard brushes for hardware and tools. SIT has been active for over 50 years in the Italian national territory and exports its Quality, its Engineering, and the trademark Made in Italy all over the world
Aerial image of the plant of SIT Tecnospazzole, manufacturer of industrial and technical brushes, in Casalecchio (Bologna) Italy
Advertising poster of the old Pennellificio Bolognese in the early years of 1900, at the origins of SIT Tecnospazzole

The Origins of SIT as a manufacturer of paint brushes

The Origins of SIT date back to 1662 with the "Laboratorio Artigianale per la Fabbricazione di Pennelli" purchased by Alessandro Acquaderni in 1908 to become "Pennellificio Bolognese"; the first factory manufacturing draw brushes for industrial use.

Historical Archive

We are currently rebuilding and reorgansing our historical archive, tracing and classifying the documents, the posters, the machinerieses and the products of Laboratorio Artigianale, of Pennellificio Bolognese and of SIT.

If you are curious or if you want to help us to reconstruct the link with the productive fabric of Emilia Romagna and with the history of industrial revolution in Italy Contact us!

In 1950 takes place the productive change of Pietro Acquaderni, grandson of Alessandro, who transforms the production favoring industrial brushes. Thus in 1960 (99 years after the Unification of Italy) was born the Società Italiana Tecnospazzole with a new plant in Casalecchio di Reno in the province of Bologna.

Grazie ai processi produttivi sempre all'avanguardia in pochi anni diventa leader in the settore industriale and in quello della ferramenta e dell'utensileria.

Nel 1995 and in 2002 are apportati gli ampliamenti dell'area produttiva e degli uffici. Lo stabilimento viene così triplicato consentendo il potenziamento with nuove macchine, nuove linee automatiche e nuovo personale. Tutti passi indispensabili for mantenere e consolidare la posizione di avanguardia in the proprio settore.