Brushes for Rolling Mills and Coils Treatment | Mechanical Pickling of Steel and Aluminium

Line Steel of Roller Brushes for the industry of Rolling Mills and of pickling by SIT Tecnospazzole
In the Rolling Mills and in Coils Treatment in iron, with filaments, aluminium and alloys you may need some Pickling or Superficial Treatment, and for this it is necessary to have brushing groups mounting Technical/Special Cylindrical Brushes suitable for this goal.
Line of Rolling Mills summarized. The SIT brushes are used in the phases of removal, finishing and polishing

Type of Brushes - Building Techniques

Spiral brushes with high density of filaments mounted on with high density cavo a Tube

Technical Brushes for Rolling Mills and pickling can be mounted on cores a Tube empty or "filled" with hubs. Cores can be mono-use or reusable.

Spiral brushes with high density of filaments mounted on a full metal core with hubs for mounting

SIT Tecnospazzole offers to its customers the service of returning the brush worn out to reuse the core. This way the customer has an economical saving and a lower environmental impact.

Core of a brush with hubs and locking sleeve
Brush for rolling mills with detail on the Core with locking sleeve SIT Tecnospazzole

The interchangeable SIT Brushes for pickling and in general the large size ring or spiral brushes are mounted on the core with hubs e locking sleeves that allow for a rapid replacement of the brush. Every item is designed and built in accordance with the needs of mounting and processing of the customer.

Materials, types of Surfaces and Filaments

The surface treated can be of type ferrous (carbon and with filaments) and non ferrous (aluminium and special alloys). Depending on the type of finishing required, you may choose a filament with rectangular or elliptic or circular section.

Surface in aluminum brushed by Roller Brushes SIT Tecnospazzole
Surface in steel brushed by Roller Brushes SIT Tecnospazzole
Surface in with filaments brushed by Roller Brushes SIT Tecnospazzole
ApplicationType of Filament
WashingNylon 6.6 / PPL
PolishingAbrasive Nylon
Grit 2000-600
Aluminium Oxide
FinishingAbrasive Nylon
Grit 500-240
Aluminium Oxide
RemovalAbrasive Nylon
Grit 180-80
Silicon Carbide
Strong Removal
(Breaking the surface chippings)
Abrasive Nylon
Grit 60-36
Silicon Carbide

Peculiar Factors that distinguish SIT Brushes

  • Perfect cylindricity

  • Perfect Trimming of Surface

  • Very high Filling Density

  • Very High Quality of Support Materials and Filaments used

  • Cured Dynamic Balancing followed by a Certificate

  • Cost Optimization for Customers thanks to the Regeneration of Brush Cores

Minimum and Maximum Size achievable
SIT in its production facilities can manufacture a wide range of Brushes for dimensions and type. To satisfy the needs of the customer in addition the holes and the adapters of the cores of the brushes are manufactured by design on the specs of the system on which they are mounted.
External Diameter [mm]150600
Length [mm]4006000

Abrasive module for pickling

Interchangeable module in abrasive filament can be manufactured on all the grits type and with all the sections

Module of brush in nylon for Washing inside the Rolling Mills

Module of interchangeable brush in nylon with welded adapters used in the Washing Stations of the Rolling Mills

Roller brush for finishing metals

Brush in sponge and abrasive cloth for the pickling and the superficial finishing of the coils in metal ferrous an non-ferrous.

How it's Made: Trimming and Balancing

A special trimming allows to obtain a perfect cylindricity of the brush with reference to the rotation axis. As a result all the surface of the brush works equally and uniformly on all the surface of processed sheet.
All the brushes are balanced dynamically ISO 1940 g. 6,3 and accompanied by the relative certificate.

Detail of cylindrical brush during trimming
Roller brush in abrasive nylon placed in the balancing machine
Brush for rolling mills during the phase of dynamic balancing and production of certificate

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Line schema of Rolling Mills, mechanical pickling during which the brushes are used for removal and for finishing/polishing
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