Brushes for the Foundry Industry | Cleaning Moulding Boxes, Moulds, Carousels and Conveyor Belts

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In the Foundry the problem of cleaning of the mould sand is one of the applications where the brush is fundamental. Cleaning immediately with brushes cleaning systems using products by SIT Tecnospazzole prevents very expensive maintenance operations or even machinery replacement.
Foundry plant with carousels and moulds kept clean by SIT brushes

Internal cleaning the Moulding Boxes

Brushing system in steel twisted knots mounted on shakeout grid

it is possible to use linear strip brushes where the brushing component is represented by high resistance hardened steel twist knots, the twist knots array is firmly fixed onto a steeled support properly shaped and profiled in accordance to the diverse types of brushing unit’s clips. The system assures an effectivand cleaning of the sides and angles of the Moulding Boxes using twist knots disposed on three rows and progressively on a slant in proximity of the edges. The brushing session can be done simultaneously during the clipping phase or later, by setting a proper working station up. The brush’s maintenance can be done rapidly inside the foundry, replacing the worn out twist knots out of the support and inserting the new ones by the dedicated pliers supplied by us along with the brushing unit.

SIT User assembling an industrial brush for foundry with dedicated pliers
Linear brushes twisted knots mounted in a frame to be used used in the shakeout to clean the Moulding Boxes

Brushing of higher and lower edge of the Moulding Boxes

Thand cleaning is performed with Linear Brushes mounting Twist Knot with very high resistance steel wire, the type of the moulding box always allows a rapid maintenance and replacement, also only of the worn out knots.

Cleaning and Brushing of the Carousels and of the Balancing Surfaces

The brushing of the balancing surfaces and of the carousels can be performed with a system using a translating brush or with a system using Rotating Brush. The translating brush system uses a linear brush with twisted knots secured to a mobile frame that performs a translating action on the higher part of the carousel that must be stopped, while the rotating brushes system cleans the carousel with a helical sectors brush mounted transversely and operating while the carousel is in movement.

Linear brush twisted knots translating on the balancing surface in the foundry
Rotating brush for cleaning conveyor belts used to brush the carousels in the foundry
Find further information in the pages dedicated to Master Rollers and to Brushing Unit for Conveyor Belts!

Brushing of the Shell Moulds

The gunning tank surface’s cleaning inside Shell Moulds is assured by a strip linear brush filled with steel wires

Cleaning the Pressing Weights

Also for the Perfect Cleaning of weights you can use Brushes of type UST that allow to optimize the work pressure given the specific cleaning needs.

Brushing Unit cleaning a weight in the foundry

Cleaning the Conveyor Belts

In the foundry industry conveyor belts are widely used to move moulds, carriages and products. These must be brushed to keep dirt, dust and larger residues away from the gears of the machinery, as this would affect both quality and efficiency.
SIT brushes therefore allow in the long term to save on the maintenance costs an to maintain an overall better efficiency.

Brushing Unit UST customizable and designable with the customer from our Technical Office


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Iron twisted knots mounted on a bar to form a brush for cleaning the Moulding Boxes in the foundry