Brushes for Deburring, Satin Finishing and Cleaning of Moulds and Bores in Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys

Brushes for Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys

Brushes for the Treatment and the Finishing of Surfaces in Aluminium

AluSolutions is the line of SIT products dedicated to the professionals of Aluminium alloys. The AluSolutions products cover the entire productive process from the first cycles of manufacturing of semi-finished materials where they can be used:

  1. Brushes for electrical or air tools for mould cleaning

  2. Big roller brushes for cleaning of rolling cylinders

  3. Frontal brushes for deburring after moulding or machining

  4. Ring brushes with filaments in with filaments for satin finishing of extruded sections

Brushes for Satin Finishing

Roller brush in steel for satin finishing aluminum

In order to exalt the aesthetic characteristics of Aluminium, extruded products, plates and profiles need delicate satin finishing operations before anodising or electrocoloring.
AluSolutions offers a complete range of specific brushes for satin finishing compatible with the most widespread satin finishing machines:
Single Section Brushes with 300 mm. diameter and 80 mm hole, diameter 250 mm and 40 mm hole, in Stainless Steel 0,15 - 0,60 mm, Rollers in abrasive Nylon of different sections, types and grits, allowing to obtain a wide range of surface finishing.

Roller brush in abrasive nylon for satin finishing aluminum

Deburring Aluminium with machines

Roller in Abrasive Nylon for aluminum
Cup in Abrasive Nylon for aluminum
Connection of brushes in abrasive nylon for mounting on a machine

can be reached carrying out operations of deburring and finishing

Reduced processing times and quality improvements are results that can be obtained with automatic machines that carry out deburring and finishing operations.
The piece to deburr and the kind of operation required will suggest the ideal brush.
Wheel, cup and front-end brushes, tube brushes of different size, different kinds and grits of abrasive nylon (or metallic wires), wire section and diameter, trim length, working intersection, rotating and advancement speed, those are the varying characteristics on which SIT technical assistance can give you any advice in order to optimize the final result.

Brushes for cleaning Moulds and Holes

Frontal brush that deburs an aluminium mould

The cleaning of rolling cylinders is an important and delicate operation because of the complicated shapes that these can have.
AluSolutions offers a complete range of tube brushes, end brushes and hand brushes for reaching the hidden angles of the molds.

Small brushes for cleaning moulds and holes

Brushes for cleaning of Rolling Cylinders

Each rolling cylinder must be perfectly cleaned to avoid the presence of scraps on these delicate surfaces cause prints and defects in the laminates.
To avoid that this happen SIT has designed extremely compact brushes that, thanks to a specific filament and the freecurved surface, guarantee the cleaning and the functioning of the lamination cylinders.

Brush in filaments metallic for aluminum plates