Linear strip brushes | Industrial Strip with or without sheath

Strip Industrial Linear Brushes by SIT Tecnospazzole
The Strip is a continuous Linear Brush, with filaments which can be of type synthetic, metallic (iron, stainless steel, brass, phosphor bronze), vegetable, animal or mixed, mounted on profile U shaped in normal steel, galvanized , with filaments that serves as support. The filament is blocked in the metallic sheath without possibility of discharge no matter the nature and the diameter of the filament itself.

Constructive Types of the Strip Brushes

SIT Tecnospazzole offers different types of Industrial Linear Brushes that differentiate for how it is "mounted" and "closed" the filament.

N = Normal

Industrial strip brushes with Normal Mounting N

G = Stapled

Industrial strip brushes with Stapled Mounting G

TF = Thermofused

Industrial strip brushes with Thermofused Mounting TF

In the Type N, the filament is mounted in continuous mode and the brush is thicker. In the Type G, especially used to shape the spirals the clinching of the tape arranges the filament in knots and makes it especially suitable at high rotation speeds. In the type Thermofused TF the filaments are welded, so there is no mechanical blocking done with metallic parts.

Support tapes for the strip brushes

Tapes and Support Guides

For numerous and different applications the linear brushes need a support for being applied to doors, main doors, parts of machines or more.
This track or sheath can be of different materials as you can see it in the respective pages Tapes in Iron, Stainless Steel and Tapes in Aluminium.
All the Tapes can be simple or finned depending on the mounting requirements.

Feasible Sizes and Choice of the Strip Brushes

(min – max)
(min – max)
(min – max)
G68Only spiral0,8Only spiral-----
G811Only spiral3Only spiral-----
TF12-80-5003 (0,6 min)--80-1000-
Size in [mm]
B = Base Strip
A1 = Synthetic, animal and vegetable filaments
A2 = Metallic and mixed filaments
D1 = Max diameter synthetic filaments
D2 = Max diameter iron filaments
C = Tape Height
S = Custom fit
GA = Flanged sheath in aluminum
GL = Sheath simple or flanged in sheet metal

Customize your Brush Strip

One of the strengths by SIT is its Technical Office and the ability to Customize the Industrial Brush depending on the requirements of the customer.

So if in the table you can't find the row or the column that would suit your needs Contact Us...

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