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Spiral Cylindrical Brushes by SIT Tecnospazzole
The Spiral Brushes can be coiled and properly fixed at the core that can be consisting of a shaft or a tube, the choice between the two systems is made based on the application and the size of the brush.

Rotation speed, type of strip and sizes

also the type of Strip, constituting the spiral, can be Normal (N) or Stapled (G) based on requirements of density or of rotation speed of the brush. La spiral brush with the normal strip is indicated for peripheral speed not higher than 15 m/sec, while the stapled one can bear speed up to 20 m/sec.
The type of strip and the type of fastening will be appropriately designed by our Technical Office based on the specs of the application.

Bases Used and minimum winding diameter
BaseType of StripØ Min. IronØ Min. Stainless Steel
5N = Normal1230
10N = Normal2540
6G = Stapled2840
8G = Stapled5060

Building techniques of the cylindrical brushes

Mounting on Core

Technical drawing of cylindrical brush mounted on Core
Cylindrical brush mounted on Core

La brush is mounted directly onto the rotating shaft, the spiral close or distanced, is welded on both ends. The shaft is re-usable and the brush, once worn out, can be re-filled at our factory.

Mounting on a Tube

Technical drawing of cylindrical brush mounted on Tube
Cylindrical brush mounted on the core

The tube can be supplied along with both adapters for shaft-connection and hubs for dragging or bearing.

Mounting for interchangeable brush

Technical drawing of cylindrical brush interchangeable
interchangeable cylindrical brush

It is possible to fix a spiral roll brush normal or electric-welded (the closed pitch type only) or a number of single section rings, by movable threaded lock nut at one side only. This makes the replacement much easier.

Mounting on a Flanged Tube

Technical drawing of cylindrical brush mounted on a Flanged Tube
Cylindrical brush mounted on a Flanged Tube

The spiral brush or single section rings can be assembled in a bank between two flanges, firmly blocked by flanging the tube (maximum thickness : 2 mm ). This makes the brush much denser and uniform.

Spirals on Core

Technical drawing with dimensions of full core
A = External Diameter
D = External Diameter Shaft
LU = Useful Length
LT = Total Length
T1, T2 = Shaft Ends
S1, S2 = Length Tapered Sections
B1, B2 = Diameter Tapered Sections
N = Keyway

Spirals on Tube

Technical drawing with dimensions of tube core
A = External Diameter
D = External Diameter Tube
LU = Useful Length
LT = Total Length
T1, T2 = Tube Ends
D1 = Diameter through-hole
N = Keyway

Advantages of the Roller Brushes by SIT

technical brush cylindrical prodotta by SIT Tecnospazzole

Spiral brushes are the best you can get both in terms of price and maintenance, and of mechanical yield. The building flexibility allows to obtain combinations between dimensions, density, trim length and type of filament practically infinite, making it possible to perform every type of superficial treatment.

Table: rods and Tubes standard used for spiral brushes
D [mm]
D [mm]
2028 x 1,5114 x 2
3030 x 1,5133 x 3
3542 x 2159 x 3
4050 x 1,5168 x 4
5060 x 1,5180 x 2
6070 x 3200 x 2
On demand different sizes80 x 2220 x 2,5
102 x 3 
Cylindrical brushes shaped in nylon and synthetic plastic filaments
Cylindrical brushes shaped in abrasive nylon and other filaments by SIT

Shaped Cylindrical Brushes

For special applications and on specific design of the customer, the cylindrical brushes can be shaped with all types of filament: synthetic, natural, metallic, mixed.
Given the particular characteristics of performance depending on the profile of the brush, our technical office will advice on the best brush for the type of profile and the filament to be used.

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Brushes shaped and other technical roller brush by SIT
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