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Technical Free Spiral Brushes by SIT Tecnospazzole
The spiral brush consists of a Spiral Strip with a defined inner diameter, which can be supplied and assembled on a body properly fixed, or as spare part to be assembled by the customer. The coils of the spiral brush may be wound up closed to or distanced., The fill density of the brushing surface or thickness may be compared to the winding pitch or to the number of coils wound onto a body.

Maximum and Minimum sizes achievable

Technical drawing and sizes of free spiral technical brush
Minimum and Maximum Size
 Min. [mm]Max [mm]
External Diameter [A]40800
Internal Diameter [D]12500
Length [L]54800
Pitch (density) [P]570
Free spiral in abrasive nylon

Density, Juxtaposition and Orientation of the Coils of Filament

Coils have a density that can be High, Medium, Low. The value of Pitch "P" can vary

Diagram of Free spiral at maximum density (closed coils)

Maximum Density (close coils)

Diagram of medium density free spiral

Medium Density

Diagram of low density free spiral

Low Density

Coil in white synthetic filament with very high density and spiral in metallic filament with low density of coils
Spiral with left handed winding

Left Handed Winding

Spiral with right handed winding

Right Handed Winding

Spiral with winding converging or diverging to the center

Winding Converging or Diverging to the Center

Electric-welded spiral brush by SIT Tecnospazzole manufacturer of industrial brushes

Electric-welded Spirals

Electric-welded Spirals are spiral brushes wound up closed, welded at their inside in order to realize a single cylindrical module. Thus it is possible to assembly more modules in order to obtain the length requested; moreover modules become easily interchangeable. Available with different diameters, filaments and trim length.

Static and Dynamic Balancing of the Spiral Brushes

The Dynamic balancing of the brushes it is indispensable to improve the performance the surfacesal treatment and to avoid stress to the brushing machine.
it is recommended to perform dynamic balancing for all brushes mounted onto an arbor and get exploited at high rotating speed. SIT can realize the dynamic balancing and issue the relative certificate

User preparing a roller brush for the phase of Balancing
Cylindrical brush in abrasive nylon during the dynamic balancing
Computer showing the values of Balancing of a brush SIT Tecnospazzole

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