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The Retread is the process of retreading of bald tyres in which it is saved and reused the 80-90% of the material and by which you can save around 80% of the cost compared to the production of a new tyre. In the sector Tyres Retreading the Brushes are fundamental in every processing phase to guarantee the quality and the safety of the retreaded tyre.

SIT offers a wide range of Technical Brushes in brass-plated steel cord LIZ engineered and ideal for rubber brushing.

Initial inspection and Preparation of the Tyre to be Retreaded

The bald tyre casing is initially cleaned from mud and dirt using Cylindrical Brushes in synthetic or metallic filaments.
This processing is handy to the user to check more precisely and in safety the casing and not to dirt the retreading machine.
After the initial cleaning a closer inspection takes place with the help of automatic machines to verify the suitability of the tyre to retreading. If this is the case the user repairs with brushes some of the points before proceeding to buffing.

Repair of the Casing

During the phase of Repair of the Casing in particular, the use of wheel brushes with 40 to 80 mm diameter with shaft or with hole with crimped wire filaments, mounted on electrical or air operated tools is indispensable to remove the rubber from small tyre craters, while the use of circular brushes with diameters ranging from 50 to 70 mm with shaft in filaments of crimped iron drowned in polyurethane is especially effective in the removal of rubber from the metallic net of the casing.

Buffing of the Casing

Buffing machine for casing with SIT Brushes
Tyre casing brushed with SIT Brushes by buffing machine

The operation, which is indispensable to remove the used part of tread still attached to the casing, is possible thanks to the use of Liz Wheel Brushes in strand iron with external diameter from 100 to 230 mm and width variable from 15 to 65 mm which, used after some roughening using metallic rasps, allows to brush the sides of the casing, but also thand cleaning and the removal of small quantities of rubber in the central part, making the casing completely rounded in order to obtain a better performance of the tyre on the road.
Liz Wheel Brushes with shaped profile in steel are used for brushing/cleaning the beads of the casing.

Choosing the Brush for Buffing

Wheel brushes RW for buffing machines in brass-plated steel cord LIZ
Technical drawing of wheel brush
BoxARTLIZ Steel Cord
100231138-60001RW 4103 9600
120172138-60001RW 41229601
130322638-60001RW 41349602
140322058-60001RW 61449603
150233638-60001RW 41539604
150323638-60001RW 41549605
150182558-60001RW 61529606
150252558-60001RW 61539607
150322558-60001RW 61549608
150431577-60001RW 81549609
160432077-60001RW 81649610
160452077-60001RW 81659611
160502077-60001RW 81669612
160572077-60001RW 81679613
170222077-60001RW 81729614
170382577-60001RW 81749615
180453077-60001RW 81859616
200394077-45001RW 82049617
200504077-45001RW 82069618
2004429100-45001RW 102049619
225302577-36001RW 82239620
230502577-36001RW 82369621
230572577-36001RW 82379622
2304425100-36001RW 102349623
2305525100-36001RW 102369624

F* : For the standard read the page related to adapters for wheel brushes.
Or on demand we design special adapters based on a custom design by the customer

Buffing of Precured Tread

Roller brushes used in machineries for la buffing of precured tread

Technical roller brushes for buffing of precured tread

Detail of precured tread and pattern left by an SIT brush

Detail of precured tread and of pattern processed by the roller brush

Machine for buffing of precured

Automatic machine for the Buffing of precured tread

Roller brush mounted on machine for buffing which brushes the tread

Roller Brush on automatic machine for buffing the tread

cleaning station for precured tread

Brush SIT mounted on cleaning station for precured tread

Cylindrical Brushes for Building

Cylindrical brush in filament of nylon for building the lower layer of the tyre

Cylindrical Brushes in filament of nylon, suitably shaped, are used to build/add the lower layer on the tyre. More, with other cylindrical technical brushes in nylon, but of smaller size you can apply the sticking anticracking band upon the casing sides.

Machine mounting brushes used in the building of the lower layer
Brush wheel brush mounted on drill elettrico for cleaning vulcanization moulds

Other Applications

Wheel brushes or tip end brushes with shaft mounted on electrical or pneumatic tools are used for the Cleaning of the Vulcanization Mould in the hot retreading.
Moreover Linear Brushes in filaments of horsehair o in filaments of thin brass mounted on sheaths are used as withhold smokes, dust and fragments of rubber in all the the machines for tyres and for i the retreading process.

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Diagram of casing raspata alla quale viene applicato un tread pretrattato by SIT Brushes (Immagine da Matteuzzi - Machinend for la Tyres Retreading)