Spid Hand Brushes Long Handle and Tube

Spid Hand Brushes in steel and aggressive PVC
Technical Drawing of Hand Brushes

Line of Spid Hand Brushes

Spid is the universal hand brush, practical, user friendly, resistant designed and licensed by SIT Tecnospazzole over 50 years ago. The narrow surface, the special curvature and the ergonomic handle make them uniquely easy to handle.

Applications: Ideal to remove rust, paint and dirt from every surface (clean grill after use, scrape off gates, do bike and motorbike maintenance, but also industrial applications!). The designed shape o Long Handle allow to adapt better still to the work surface and to the specific application.

LONG SPID3701352815Brass Coated Steel ø 0,3240015
LONG SPID PVC3701352815Rigid PVC240033
SPID Tube2901352515Brass Coated Steel ø 0,3240016