Cleaning rods and Brushes for deburring Tubes, cleaning chimneys, cleaning pellet stoves, gutters, boilers and batteries

Cleaning rods in Iron and Abrasive Nylon

Cleaning rods in steel and abrasive nylon for holes deburring

Thand cleaning rods in steel and in abrasive nylon are indispensable for cleaning and finishing inside the holes both metallic and non-ferrous. You can use them to debur drillings, threadings and O-rings seat.

Cleaning rods for cleaning and maintaining boilers

Cleaning rods in steel, iron brass-plated and nylon for cleaning and maintaining boilers

The boiler cleaning rods are ideal for cleaning tubes of every type (abrasive filament for stainless steel). Very good for routine and extraordinary maintenance of boilers.

Cleaning rods for chimneys cleaning

Cleaning rods for chimney cleaning

The Chimney Cleaning Rods by SIT are designed to clean the chimneys and obtain a perfect draught preventing the spontaneous combustion in the chimney, improving the efficiency and preventing dangerous emissions.

Cleaning Kit
for Pellet Stoves

Tube brush to clean and perform the maintenance of pellet stoves

Original Kit SIT to clean chimney (flue) pipes and maintain pellet stoves to obtain more heat while burning less, and save on the pellet.

Stick Stove Brazier Cleaner

Small Brush to clean Pellet stove braziers from combustion residues

Stik is the new wire brush manufactured by SIT for the cleaning of the Pellet Stove brazier from combustion residues, coal, coal dust and dirt.

Gutter-Saver Spiral Brush

Brush to clean and protect the gutters

The gutter-saver is a brush that prevents dried leaves, branches or debris of any kind to deposit inside the gutters, granting the effectiveness of the drains.

Cleaning rods for radiators and batteries

Small cleaning rods for radiators, drills and batteries

Small cleaning rods SIT to clean radiators and pins and clamps of batteries.