Cleaning rods in abrasive nylon SA

SA 10 tube brush in abrasive nylon
Technical Drawing Cleaning rods Abrasive Nylon

Line Solutions

Tube brush (spiral filament) in abrasive nylon SA.

Applications: Cleaning and finishing inside both metallic and non-ferrous holes. To debur drillings, threadings and O-ring seats.

1SA 10,620100Abrasive Nylon O.A.1000121300
2SA 20,620100Abrasive Nylon O.A.1000121301
3SA 31,520100Abrasive Nylon O.A.1000121302
4SA 41,520100Abrasive Nylon O.A.1000121303
5SA 51,520100Abrasive Nylon O.A.1000121304
6SA 6350125Abrasive Nylon C.S.120121305
 SA 6350125Abrasive Nylon C.S.320121306
8SA 8350125Abrasive Nylon C.S.120121307
 SA 8350125Abrasive Nylon C.S.320121308
10SA 10450125Abrasive Nylon C.S.80121309
 SA 10450125Abrasive Nylon C.S.320121310
13SA 13450125Abrasive Nylon C.S.80121311
 SA 13450125Abrasive Nylon C.S.320121312
16SA 16550125Abrasive Nylon C.S.80121313
 SA 16550125Abrasive Nylon C.S.320121314
19SA 19565125Abrasive Nylon C.S.80121315
 SA 19565125Abrasive Nylon C.S.320121316
22SA 225,565125Abrasive Nylon C.S.80121317
 SA 225,565125Abrasive Nylon C.S.320121318
25SA 255,565125Abrasive Nylon C.S. 80121319
 SA 255,565125Abrasive Nylon C.S.320121320
32SA 32665125Abrasive Nylon C.S.80121321
 SA 32665125Abrasive Nylon C.S.320121322
38SA 38665125Abrasive Nylon C.S.80121323
 SA 38665125Abrasive Nylon C.S.320121324
50SA 50665125Abrasive Nylon C.S.80121325
 SA 50665125Abrasive Nylon C.S.320121326