Cleaning rods in SAC steel

SAC 16 tube brush in steel
Technical Drawing of Iron Cleaning Rods

Line Solutions

Tube brushes (spiral filament) in SAC steel.

Applications: Cleaning and finishing inside both metallic and non-ferrous holes. To debur drillings, threadings and O-ring seats.

8SAC 8M 6801150,15Steel101340
10SAC 10M 6801150,15Steel101341
12SAC 12M 6801150,15Steel101342
14SAC 14M 6801150,15Steel101343
16SAC 16M 6801150,15Steel101344
20SAC 20M 6801150,15Steel101345
25SAC 25W 3/81001500,25Steel101346
30SAC 30W 1/21001600,3Steel101347
38SAC 38W 1/21001600,3Steel101348
40SAC 40W 1/21001600,35Steel101349
50SAC 50W 1/21001600,35Steel101350