Cutting Discs and Deburring

Iron Cut Discs and Deburring SIT
Technical Drawing of cut discs and deburring DT and DS SIT

Line Solutions Angle Grinders

DT are cut discs SIT Tecnospazzole in aluminium oxide or in silicon carbide while DS are deburring discs in aluminium oxide.

Applications: DT: Cut discs for steel, iron, aluminum e marble. DS: Deburring discs for iron.

115DT 115122iron cut disc13300101749
115DT 1151,622iron cut disc13300101750
115DT 1153,222iron cut disc13300101751
115DT 1153,222marble cut disc13300101752
115DS 1156,422iron cut disc13300101753
230DT 230222iron cut disc6600101757
230DT 2303,222iron cut disc6600101754
230DT 2303,222marble cut disc6600101755
230DS 2306,422iron cut disc6600101756