Modular Punched Rollers RMD

Punched Modules
Technical Drawing of Punched Modules RMD SIT

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Cylindrical Modular Punched Brushes of standard length 100 mm, geared on the side to form rollers of every length. RMD are self-pulling thanks to the connection pieces (collars) TD having 3 grains each, located at the end of the roller. Available in Nylon, polypropylene, horsehair and plant fiber Tampico.

Applications: For light-duty cleaning, light deburring, polishing, sanding and satin finishing.

100RMD 100/30PPL BL 0,25100603020151711080
100RMD 100/30HORSEHAIR100603020151711081
100RMD 100/30 TAMPICO100603020151711082
150RMD 150/30 PPL BL 0,35100603045151711083
150RMD 150/30 NYLON NL 0,50100603045151711084
150RMD 150/30 HORSEHAIR100603045151711085
150RMD 150/30 TAMPICO100603045151711086
180RMD 180/50 PPL BL 0,45100855047152012905
180RMD 180/50 NYLON BL 0,80100855047152012906
180RMD 180/50 HORSEHAIR100855047152012907
180RMD 180/50 TAMPICO100855047152012908
200RMD 200/60 PPL BL 0,35100956052152411087
200RMD 200/60 NYLON NL 0,50100956052152411088
200RMD 200/60 NYLON BL 0,80100956052152411089
200RMD 200/60HORSEHAIR100956052152411090
200RMD 200/60TAMPICO100956052152411091
250RMD 250/60 PPL BL 0,45100956077152411092
250RMD 250/60PPL BL 0,80100956077152411093
250RMD 250/60 HORSEHAIR100956077152411094
250RMD 250/60 TAMPICO100956077152411095
 TD 30Terminal with fixing grains256030   11077
 TD 50Terminal with fixing grains258550   12930
 TD 60Terminal with fixing grains259560   11078

NB: Every punched module RMD and TD includes a specific adapter.

NB: Max Peripheral Speed = 8 m/s.
Always comply with it!

GREY HORSEHAIR =Horsehair of gray horse
TAMPICO =Vegetal Fiber
ACC. =Crimped Steel
PIAT. ACC. =Plate of Iron
Stainless Steel =Stainless Steel
BRASS OND. =Crimped Brass
NYL B.L. =Nylon Bianco smooth
NYL N.Z. =Knurled black Nylon
PPL B.L. =Smooth white polypropylene
PPL B.O. =White crimped polypropylene
PPL N.L. =Black smooth polypropylene