Discs for Pickling in nylon fiber

Discs for pickling in nylon abrasive fiber SIT
Technical Drawing of Discs for Pickling DN and RN SIT

Line Solutions Angle Grinders

Discs in nylon fibers very resistant, with embedded abrasive with silicon carbide in thicker grit. Mountable on grinder and mini-grinder (version DN) and also on drill (version RN) with specific Shaft.

Applications: Ideal for stainless steel, for pickling and weld cleaning, removal of rust and magnets, stucco surfaces, rubber, plastic materials and much more.

115DN 11522Backing pad in glassfiber110005433
100RN 10010Discs with hole800010442
150RN 15012Discs with hole535010443
200RN 20012Discs with hole400010444
 G 10-Shaft 6x18 M10 for RN 100-10448
 G 12-Shaft 8x18 M12 for RN 150 - RN 200-12449