Weedbrush! Handy accessory to remove the weed from cracks and between the tiles

Weed cleaning brooms Weedbrush SIT
Technical Drawing of Weedbrush grass and weed remover by SIT

Line Solutions

The original weedbrush SIT is a handy accessory consisting of a broom stick in wood 1400 mm long and of an end designed to squeeze in between the cracks and in the wall corners, or footpath and between the tiles.

Applications: Ideal for cleaning and removing weeds from the footpath, and from the cracks in the pavement and between the tiles. The original solution from SIT is ecological (you avoid using chemical herbicides or salt that would be environmentally-harmful and for the pets!) which solve the long-term problem of the dirt in the cracks!

WeedbrushBrush in brass-plated steel L. 100 mm with handle wood L. 1400 mm301796
Spare partBrush L. 100 mm in brass-plated steel251797